We are two million the “citizenship” of the twenty one century. We only need to be right in a proposal, which summon this citizenship between immigrants and locals.


The functional synthesis is being built with the experiences of our own country, at the same time we are watching the great world experiments.

This synthesis, this millions of suitable Argentines, every one in their own problems, makes the prestige with which Argentina is looked around the world.


This citizenship would accept to participate in one organization that does not use, and on the contrary provide the opportunity of influence with an organization, permanently and with stability over the creation of its destiny: participate on a synergy structure. How to accomplish a synergy structure?


How to demonstrate this citizenship that this proposal is not selfish as the ones that has been being presented?

If we manage to unravel this mystery, Argentina will be the lighthouse of the world.

We ask for your help. If you agree, leave your data requesting the formulary to that effect.


Note: “Pick only one of them and you will be enrolling to the previous ones”


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