Against Poverty




It is not a question of “spreading” other’s money or feeding the “class struggle”. It is not a question of inventing a “new international alliance” as the ones that have failed in this struggle against poverty. The topic is much simpler.


Every salary earner in natural conditions, without the negative influences of the present social economic systems can easily produce 50% more than what he consumes.

But nowadays, half of the salary earners produce only 10% above their consumption and the rest consume more than what they produce. 
Half of the  salary earners work as animals, and the other half live from other’s work, more outrageously than animals.

Imagine that one of the two horses that are supposed to pull a cart suddenly climbs onto it.what they do and not for what they need.
The secret of the struggle against poverty, then, is on the awakening of the salary earners attitude, which is the natural incentive to the action that is on lethargy at the present time.


The essential problem can be resolve with a mobilization measure that will generate more surpluses; plus the collection, which will end with the union conflict, the unemployment and poverty, and the consistent lack of safety. 
For that horse, which is making a double effort, to breath, and for the other one to be dignify returning to his place of pulling the cart, there is a Bill that can be instigate in order to end with poverty in a few months.
It is a question of paying the salary earners for their work and not for their needs.


We all know that in any salary negotiation, those are the two options (maximum, and minimum respectively).
There has not been a single State who has guaranteed justice in that negotiation. Then, salary earners succumb and that is the reason why they lose the natural incentives to the action.

They became lethargy people, with frustration, anxiety, dejection, depression, addiction and a self exclusion of the community, which made them less productive and violent.

In order to end the union conflicts and to make the enterprises more profitable, a specific part of what the employers have paid as the profits tax must be prorated between the own and outside personnel of the enterprise.
It is the State, then, who has to pay those pay rises for the productivity the employers have never sustained because of their privilege position.
There is a mathematical model showing the influences these labour relations will have in the economy and it reads that the investments will quadruple its profitability and that the salary earners will duplicate their purchasing power.

Any million dollar investment in production will yield 250,000 per year, when it only yields 60,000 at the present.
And all the salary earners will duplicate their profits; this benefit will not be dissolved with the time as it always does, on the contrary, it would improve.


The salary earners will be prosperous for the first time in history. They will be paid for what they do and not for what they need.
There will be economic stability and total predictability, and the index will always grow.
At the time all the productive investments are more profitable, unemployment and poverty will disappear.

Please read all the details in our web site, and help us to spread this Project, which is the most effective for the ending of this self interested economy behavior, which is the cause of poverty.

Our Project does not collide with any ideology, but it strengthens all of them.




















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