Strange phenomenon



What strange phenomenon does not allow us to believe that there is a formula to solve the mistakes of the economy that we are suffering today?

If only we had listened to the well intended but conservative people, the sun will be still spinning around the earth once a day. In this matter, the solution to the enigma also exists.


The wage is only paying what the work is managing to achieve and not what is being produced in the process.


The wage is what the worker needs, but if this is added with regards to the profits of the project, it becomes fair.


Only when there are no profits, the wage is fair. On the contrary, when there are profits, in the project, the salary earner must be paid effectively for what he has done and not for what he exactly need, that is what solves our project: the wage will still be unfair because it will continue to be what the worker needs.


Because the wage will never be the reward of the effort and creativity of the worker. The work that it is not only consumed time. It is much more than that; it is merit to increase the production and the sales and to reduce costs.


It is mentality, rationality and electivity, things that are more valuable than the physical consumed work. There will be Assignments Plus with the money the boss tax as the Profits Tax. To resolve the problem, the Profits tax will not have to be for the State. It must be award to the own and outside personnel of each project, then the payment will be fair.


The salary should be prorated. Use our imagination to glimpse how the profitability of our projects will increase when that money, which forms part of the profits, (and that has already been demonstrated to be the surpluses of the employee’s work) stop being administrated by the State and start to be administrated individually by the employees. Let’s imagine the effect of that Assignments Plus. The capital and the work have relative potentialities easily calculable.

They are in the same relation between their costs: interest, amortizations, insurance and inherent taxes, are the costs of the immobilized capital. At the same time the remuneration is the cost of the work.


Another important mistake is the doctrinaire believes, which assert that the surplus is social. That is very pernicious, because it brings to the worst injustices. This mistake is the one that has left us in this swamp of poverty with all its consequences. The surplus that we generate belongs to us. This is the real labour injustice. The ridicule aberration of charging Profits Tax to the employees deserves another chapter!

How is the human promoted? Is it about creating dependence through gifts or about favouring conditions for the people to recover their dignity and their autonomy? Is it about delivering money and goods or about promoting resources for the people to supply themselves? Is it about the poverty as a tool to obtain something in exchange or is it about working to include the one that have capacities to work into the society?

The client hood continues to exist in the country and it is more interest in what is receiving in exchange that in what is delivering. It is not only about the distortion of waiting something in exchange for giving as a present what has been bought with his own money (because our representatives are not developing other than our resources). It is about the incredible distortion through which the poverty becomes a source of resources for the politics, instead of being the politics a source of resources – not only monetary- assigned to eradicate the poverty. It is true that there are examples of public social investment where the development is promoted, in this case the investment is made electoral to perpetuate certain political management to which, internally, and poverty is convenient.

Can politics be different without a different conception of the human? As well as the indiscriminate genetic could create a way of pos-humanity and a chain to the permanent exclusion. Because with that the person is considered in terms of price and not of values, and men are treated as a means and not as an aim. And simultaneously poverty is also taken, not only as a means to obtain vote, but also as an aim, where it is perpetuated.

Which strange phenomenon is impeding us to fight for those real truths that benefit the enterprising as much as the salary-earners? Which strange phenomenon takes us irreversibly to the economic futility of the humanity?
























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